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RDF Machinery Company
Buys, Sells and Trades excavation and grading machinery throughout the Construction and Mining Industries.
We provide acquisition and re-deployment services for all types of new and used equipment.
Our advertised list of equipment is primarily located in North America and Canada.
Our large customer base provides a significant choice in used equipment offering near new machinery to maintained second-life equipment.

RDF Machinery Company - Machinery & Equipment
Pre-qualifies equipment we represent and providing detailed information to our clients and customers.
Onsite Inspections, Inspection Reports, Photos, Appraisals, Schedule Manufacture/Dealer TA1 & TA2 Inspections and Oil Analysis.
When we say, "We own what we sell" we are communicating to our customers that we have searched and perfected ownership and
we are able to pass title free and clear upon receipt of funds. 

We Are Dedicated To Providing The Following Professional Services:
Providing equipment  based on our customer's specific requirements according to Make and Model.
Direct Marketing and Sale of all related Machinery and Equipment.
Documenting the Current Market Values for Machinery and Equipment.

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: Providing Onsite Appraisals, Documented Mechanical and Operational Inspections:

Securing, Scheduling and Managing Transportation from Load-Out to Delivery for both Inland and Overseas projects.
Providing Financing Services for most Domestic Transactions.
Complete Import and Export Services.
Q3 of 2000 
RDF Machinery Company was Incorporated by its Founder and principles in the Great State of Oklahoma.
We continue to press on towards Our to follow the precepts laid down by the Lord and Savior, who is Jesus Christ.

Q1 of 2015  
RDF Machinery Company moves into it's 15th year in business with a greater appreciation for all those satisfied clients with fair and reasonable expectations.  
Without their ongoing support, progress just simply would not have been possible. It is with them in mind that we extend our thankfulness.


RDF Machinery Company
Used Sales Department
Phone: (918) 786-9991
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