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Richard C. Fallis, M&E Appraiser - Consultant

Machinery and Technical Specialties
Machinery and Equipment  
P.O. Box 450607    Grove, Oklahoma 74345
Phone: (918) 786-9991  
Fax:   (918) 786-9992


Mr. Fallis has been active in the used mining & construction machinery business since 1979.
During this time he has been involved in the repair, maintenance, buying, selling,
rental and valuation of used construction machinery & equipment,
specializing in the area of excavation machinery and equipment.


RDF Machinery Company - Grove, Oklahoma           
Buy, sell, trade, inspections and valuation of used machinery and equipment.
July 2000 to May 2013

M. R. Tudor, Inc. - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Buy; sell, trade, rental, inspection and valuation of used machinery and equipment.

June 1989 to July 2000

 R. C. Mechanical Service Co., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Heavy equipment field repair, inspections and technical valuations.
April 1983 to June 1989

Albert Equipment Co., Inc. - Tulsa, Oklahoma (Caterpillar Dealership.)
Certified technician. Training in all areas of service, repair and maintenance of Caterpillar machinery & equipment.
January 1979 to April 1983

*Available on request


The valuations are derived from the following sources and are based on the current market including the specific condition of each asset.
All supporting information and documentation for the appraisal will be archived for reference. The valuation will determine the “Quick-Sale Value” which is established based on the following sources:

        ·         Used Equipment Dealers & Distributors
      ·        New Manufactures & Distributors
      ·        Auctioneers
      ·        Contractors
      ·        Equipment Trades & Publications
      ·        Established Market Resource Guides 


        The following requirements in the valuation are described:

RDF Machinery Company
Used Sales Department
Phone: (918) 786-9991
Fax:     (918) 786-9992
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